Pork Meat For Sale

domuz eti parçaları

Pork Meat For Sale

There are live animals, carcass, parts and delicatessen pork are sold in our farm. In our pork sales facility, our meats are sent to you as daily cut, rested or frozen according to your wishes, with special heat proof boxes and packages without spoiling the cold chain.

Our Farm and Meat Processing

Our farm is a business that established by Mustafa KAYA in 1995 in Antalya Manavgat district on 58 decares of land for animal husbandry and fruit growing. Our farm, with American Yorkshire and Scandinavian Berkshire breed  pigs, is Turkey’s first pork sales facilities and only licensed pig farm at the time it was founded. In our facility, our animals are slaughtered with the most advanced facilities provided by technology. All of the products we offer to you are prepared untouched and delivered to you hygienically. Our farm does not only serve on the sale of pork, it is also a farm with fruit gardens and nature.

Our farm produces pork and meat products in the most modern and high quality way that gives importance to the environment and provides them to our consumers. Our farm has reached a capacity of 1000 pigs, capable of feeding a semi-open system, creating a quarantine zone, producing its own organic feed, switching to a computerized recording system and minimizing disease problems with preventive medicine practices. All of our products are registered and sealed.


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